Ed Fella: See it, say it, see it.

Robert Heinecken, Figure Parts/Hair, 1967.

Irma Blank, Ur-schrift ovvero Avant-testo, 2005, ballpoint pen on polyester, cm.23x23.

“I return to the zero point, the semantic zero, the semantic void: silence as a germinating source.
I give autonomy back to the sign, to the body of writing, in order to give voice to the silence, to the void. To the thoughts unthought. Writing is not linked to knowing, but to being. Writing is the home of being. I free writing from sense and highlight its structure, its skeleton, the nude sign, the sign that is such and does not refer back to anything but itself. It refers to the energy reserve, to the initial drive, the source-giving urge, the desire to reveal itself, to emerge from the secret, closed place of night.

Nonverbal writing, writing that remains in silence, original truth. Writing becomes image, a manifestation of being, of being there, in the absolute without form. An open text. A text for all.”

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a pencil


Ben Aqua, Your entire life is on camera, 2013

Observation, PNG


George Lucas // THX 1138


Ed Yong, one of the greatest science writers of our time, takes us inside the remarkable, if remarkably creepy, world of mind-controlling parasites – creatures that produce such oddities as suicidal crickets and zombie roaches by “subverting and overriding the wills of their hosts.” 

For a deeper dive, see Carl Zimmer’s fascinating Parasite Rex: Inside the Bizarre World of Nature’s Most Dangerous Creatures.


Igor Eskinja

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